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Cupcake prices



-$24/batch of 18

-$24/40-50 minis

-Custom cupcake designs and layouts are available for an additinal charge, contact us for details.


Cupcake choices


-Vanilla cupcakes filled with vanilla cream topped with buttercream frosting


-Chocolate cupcakes filled with chocolate cream topped with buttercream frosting


-Red velvet cupcakes filled with cheesecake filling and topped with cream cheese frosting


-Chocolate turtle cupcakes filled with caramel filling and topped with a dab of butter cream frosting, caramel, and crushed pecans.


*each batch of 12 or 18  cupcakes must be the same flavor.


Add ons for cupcakes

-$3/batch for chocolate or white chocolate toppers

-Other charges may apply for additionals add ons



Cookie prices



-$15/dozen for basic iced sugar cookies


-$18/dozen for customized/character iced sugar cookies


-$24 for 40-50 mini iced sugar cookies


-$15 for a 6 cookie, cookie bouquet


-$20 for a 10 cookie, cookie bouquet

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